No more injuries. Do you think Kim Do Young will win KIA if it’s full time? It’s not unimaginable

Will it be a healthy third year?

KIA Tigers has been on high alert since the beginning of 2024. Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop of the LG Twins, the defending champion, who is aiming for his second consecutive win, picked Kia as a team to guard against along with KT Wiz. The reason why the team is wary of a team that ranked sixth in the 2023 season is that its pitching and hitting capabilities are well structured. It also demonstrated its dominance by winning nine consecutive games in the second half of last year.

There is one absolute condition for KIA to become a top-ranked player. We need to be careful not to get injured. Park Chan-ho’s nine consecutive wins last year also saw his left finger ligament damage due to sliding to the first base. Na Sung-bum (damaged left thigh hamstring), Choi Hyung-woo (crushed sternum), Park Chan-ho (broken left ulnar), and Choi Won-joon (damaged left calf fascia) all collapsed due to string injuries.

In particular, Kim Do-young, who is in his third year, is poised to perform a exorcism. He started with an injury and ended with an injury. He was away for more than two months after suffering a fracture in his left foot while running a base in the opening two games last year. He returned to the mound at the end of June and displayed a different performance as an offense and defense pitcher. He played 385 times at bat in 84 games and posted a batting average of .333 with seven homers, 42 RBIs, 72 runs scored, and 25 stolen bases with an OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage).

OPS ranks third in the team, following Na Sung-bum (1.098) and Choi Hyung-woo (0.887). He also posted a batting average of 3.12 million. As a rookie in the 2022 season, he struggled in the first half of the season, but began to adapt himself by establishing batting form in the second half. Due to unexpected injury, the team extended its hiatus, putting pressure on players. Had the team played full time, Kia would have ranked differently.

Moreover, he seriously injured his left hand while sliding to the first base in an attempt to prevent double play in the final against Japan in the top of the 10th inning at the APBC Championship after finishing the season. He ruptured ligament and fractured bone. He had suffered a major injury that took four months to recover. After applying the four-month period, he will return to the team at the end of March. This year, the opening game will begin on March 23, a week earlier. He recovers quickly, but his participation in the opening game remains to be seen.

Kim also hurt his right hand while trying to block a ground ball in the 2022 season. This is his third injury. After all, prevention of injury is the key. It is good to play your best, but you also need wisdom not to overdo it. “I still don’t have enough experience to control myself in play,” manager Kim Jong-kook said. Sliding on the first base was too much for anyone to watch.

Kim Do-yeong said, “I want to play in all 144 games this year. FKI is the goal of all players, but it is not easy to achieve. If Kim plays 130 games without any major injuries, it is a success. Not only Kim Do-yeong but also Kim Jong-guk desperately wants it. If Kim plays full-time, his personal performance will drastically improve, with a batting average of .300, 80 RBIs, 100 runs scored, 40 steals, and double-digit home runs. 랭크카지노

It is time for Kim Do-young to become a major hitter in the KBO League as he enters his third year as a professional player. He has increased his slugging capability through bulk-up and is not losing ground in the struggle with pitchers. As he gained experience in defense, he gained stability. If Kim Do-young plays steadily, his team’s scoring ability will become that strong and he will have the power to compete for the championship. That’s why Kim Do-young, who is healthy, is drawing more attention.

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