“One year, $12 million + incentives” Ryu Hyun-jin’s projected free agent salary, not a multi-year deal?

For the first time, we have an estimated price tag for Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Hyun-jin Ryu, who is set to hit free agency after this season, and it’s likely to be a one-year deal rather than a multi-year deal.

In an article titled “10 prospective free agents who need to finish the 2023 season strong to command a hefty payday,” American media outlet Bleacher Report highlighted 10 players. In alphabetical order, Ryu was the ninth player mentioned.

“The list includes players who have missed most of the past year and need to prove they’re healthy, or players who have struggled recently and need to prove they’re strong at the bargaining table,” the publication explained.

It’s a perfect fit for Ryu. After receiving Tommy John surgery last June, Ryu returned to the field on Aug. 2 after more than 13 months of rehabilitation.바카라사이트 With a 3-2 record, 2.65 ERA, 1.059 WHIP, and 0.219 batting average in seven games, many are calling him “vintage Ryu”.

Bleacher Report was the first to recognize this. They wrote, “Ryu has surprisingly returned to the mound and is pitching solidly. He was hit in the knee by a pitch during his second no-hitter and had to be removed, but hasn’t been out of the rotation since. They were referring to the time he was hit hard in the knee by an Oscar Gonzalez hit while getting the last out of the fourth inning against the Cleveland Indians on March 8.

However, the outlet added, “Five innings seems to be his new normal. He’s gone five innings in six of seven games,” and “I understand the Blue Jays want to limit his pitches until he builds up stamina, but if he continues to go five innings the rest of the season, it’s going to be hard for him to be considered more than a fifth starter in free agency.

“On the flip side, if he throws six or more innings against Texas, Boston, Tampa Bay, and the New York Yankees the rest of the season, he’ll get more attention,” he said.

Miami Marlins’ Johnny Cueto. AFP
They also pointed to two veteran pitchers who signed free agent deals last winter as similar examples to Ryu.

‘Corey Kluber (Boston) and Johnny Cueto (Miami) were the same age as Ryu last winter when they signed for one year, $10 million and $8.5 million, respectively, with a team option for a second year. Both pitchers have struggled this season, which could have a slight negative impact on Ryu’s market value, but if Ryu finishes the season strong, he should be able to sign for $12 million for one year with incentives for starters and a second-year option.

Overall, this is a positive assessment and prediction of Ryu’s resurgence. His $12 million salary ranks 112th on the all-time list, while Ryu’s $20 million salary ranks 43rd.

Earlier, wrote on Aug. 8, “Ryu is unlikely to get a four-year, $80 million deal like he did last time, but if he keeps up his steady pace, he could get a nice multi-year deal. That’s something we didn’t expect just a month ago. A two-year deal was a possibility.

Toronto manager John Schneider recently told Sportsnet, “We were hoping that Ryu would come back at some point this season, and he’s been as good, if not better, than he’s been in the past,” adding, “The fact that he’s been pitching so well is kind of a bonus for us.”

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