‘Richarlison 1 goal, 1 assist’ Tottenham scores consecutive goals in extra time in the second half ‘Bed soccer’ Sheffield overturns 2-1 ‘A dramatic come-from-behind win!’ PL 4 consecutive wins + reclaimed 2nd place

It was a dramatic game. The home team scored two goals in extra time in the second half and achieved a come-from-behind victory.

Tottenham Hotspur came from behind to win 2-1 against Sheffield United in the 5th round of the 2023-24 English Premier League (PL) held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on the 16th (Korean time).

They are on a winning streak after being appointed as coach Angers Postecoglou. Tottenham won 4 consecutive Premier League games (1 draw) and regained second place with 13 points from 5 games. They succeeded in closely chasing leader Manchester City (5 wins, 15 points). On the other hand, Sheffield, which did not hesitate to delay time to gain points, failed to report its first win in 5 games (1 draw, 4 losses).

Tottenham had the same lineup as against Burnley in the last round. Captain Son Heung-min appeared as a striker. They were followed by Manor Solomon, James Madison, and Dejan Klusevskya. Yves Bissouma and Mata Papasar made up the midfield. The back four consists of Destiny Udogi, Mickey van der Pen, Christian Romero, and Pedro Foro, while the goalkeeper gloves are worn by Gugliemo Vicario.

The away team, Sheffield, had Cameron Archer and Oliver McBurney up front and ordered the remaining players to mainly play defense. We focused on scoring points rather than winning.

Tottenham dominated the game. The attack was launched with Madison at the center. Solomon and Klusevski attacked Sheffield’s defense from the side. Son Heung-min worked hard to exchange one-two passes between the center and the side, or to link up with his teammates. Vice-captain Maddison moved down to the defensive line and actively participated in playmaking.

There were several opportunities. However, Sheffield’s goalkeeper Wesley Foderingham made good saves. In the middle of the first half, Tottenham failed to score even after recording 7 effective shots. Foderingham leaped forward and hit Tottenham’s flurry of shots. 바카라사이트 Son Heung-min also punched out a ball that he curled exquisitely. The first half ended 0-0.

Tottenham continued to take the lead. Sheffield often counterattacked. There were hardly any goals scored. Sheffield was relaxed. We started taking more and more time to get the points. Goalkeeper Fotheringham was noticeably slow to take goal kicks or free kicks.

Meanwhile, Sheffield scored first. In the 28th minute of the second half, Gustavo Hamer took a long throw-in and struck the corner of the right goal with a left-footed shot. It was an exquisite trajectory that even goalkeeper Vicario, who had made several saves, could not stop.

Once the goal was scored, Sheffield began to waste time blatantly. The goalkeeper still kicked the ball late, and field players took turns complaining of leg pain. Protests from Tottenham players began to intensify. It almost led to a conflict between the players.

Tottenham, who were in a hurry to score a goal, took the lead in the 35th minute. Coach Postekoglou made a bold decision. He removed Son Heung-min, Solomon, and Papesar and brought in Richarlison, Ivan Perisic, and prospect Brennan Johnson.

It seemed to take effect right away. Johnson penetrated the backline in the 42nd minute and hit the net with a right-footed shot. He roared and ran for the equalizer. However, the score was canceled due to an offside decision. 12 minutes of extra time were given in the second half.

Coach Postekoglou removed the defenders and added midfielders. Center back Van de Pen came out and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg was brought in. Emerson Royale came in to replace the prisoner who collapsed due to muscle cramps. Tottenham all participated in the attack, leaving only Rome in the defensive zone.

I saw this effect. It wasn’t until the 8th minute of added time in the second half that the equalizer was scored. In a corner kick situation, Richarlison finished Perisic’s cross with a header. It was Richarlison’s first goal in the Premier League this season after a long slump. The ball hit Richarlison’s head and powerfully pierced the top of the goalkeeper.

In the end, the game was overturned. Two minutes later, Klusevski scored the comeback goal. Richarlison broke through the opponent’s defense with a simple dribble. An accurate pass was made in a narrow area, and Klusevski kicked it with his right foot. The ball flew in a trajectory that even the goalkeeper did not expect.

Sheffield self-destructed. Striker McBurney was sent off for accumulating warnings, leaving them outnumbered. It wasn’t until the 17th minute of added time in the second half that the final whistle sounded. Tottenham settled in second place with four consecutive wins in the Premier League.

After the game, gave Klusevski, who scored the winning goal, a rating of 8.3 and the Most Valuable Player of the Match (MOM). Richarlison, who came on as a substitute and scored 1 goal and 1 assist, had 7.6 points, the third highest in Tottenham. Madison, who focused on playmaking throughout the game, ranked second in rating with 7.7. Son Heung-min, who struggled at the forefront, scored 6.0 points, slightly lower than the last game.

In the last game, Tottenham beat Burnley 5-2 thanks to Son Heung-min’s hat trick. The most valuable player (MVP) of the game at the time was Son Heung-min. He scored three goals alone, leading Tottenham to a huge victory. Son Heung-min, who is considered the best side striker in the Premier League, also received a passing grade as a front-line striker on this day.

Local British media also highlighted Son Heung-min’s great performance. Britain’s ‘BBC’ gave a thumbs up to Son Heung-min, who scored a hat trick, saying, “The Tottenham star led the team to victory.” ‘Sky Sports’ gave it a rating of 9, saying, “It was a clever finish. Son Heung-min defeated Burnley mercilessly.” Statistics media outlets ‘FootMob’ and ‘’ also selected Son Heung-min as the best player (MVP) of the game with a rating of 9.6.

He played the striker role perfectly. It was like Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), who was Tottenham’s main gun until last season. Struggling on the front lines. Son Heung-min showed active movement from the beginning of the game. When attacking, he went down to midfield and participated in Tottenham’s attack. He continued to harass Burnley by exchanging one-two passes with a colleague or digging into the space behind the opponent. He also induced opponents to make mistakes through active forward pressure.

He even scored a goal himself. Tottenham conceded a goal early in the first half and was down 0-1. Son Heung-min scored the equalizer in the 16th minute of the first half. He continued passing with Manor Solomon and soon reached the gate. Son Heung-min caught Solomon’s cross and scored his first goal of the season with an exquisite chip shot. The goalkeeper and defender were fooled by Son Heung-min’s big movements. He threw his body expecting a strong ball, but the shot passed between the defender and the goalkeeper and into the net.

Coach Postekoglou’s mercenary skills were spot on. Solomon made his first start in an official Tottenham game today. There were many predictions that he would play as a member of Son Heung-min’s rotation. However, Son Heung-min moved to the center and Solomon, who usually plays on the left, took the opportunity.

Tottenham gained momentum with captain Son Heung-min’s goal. Just before the end of the first half, Christian Romero (25) scored a comeback goal with a mid-range shot. In the 9th minute of the second half, James Madison (26) opened the game by two goals with a strong right-footed kick. With this, everyone on the captain’s team scored a goal. Madison scored two goals in a row following the last game.

It was Son Heung-min who dominated the game. He ended the game by scoring two more goals in three minutes. In the 18th minute, Son Heung-min scored his second goal of the day with a powerful right-footed cutback. The chemistry with Solomon shined again. Solomon scored his second assist by penetrating the opponent’s flank and passing an accurate pass to Son Heung-min.

In the 21st minute, he completed a hat trick, putting the finishing touches on victory. Son Heung-min penetrated and received an early cross from Pedro Foro (23) and struck the left net with a left-footed shot. Afterwards, Coach Postekoglou replaced Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min scored three goals in 72 minutes. Tottenham won 5-2, conceding one more goal.

Kane’s replacement was Son Heung-min. Coach Postekoglou made the decision to have Son Heung-min as the top player in the match against Burnley. Son Heung-min played the role of a striker perfectly, guarding the ball from the front or throwing passes. He even scored a hat trick, demonstrating his sense of goal for the first time in a while.

By far the best player of the game was the Tottenham captain. Son Heung-min, who started as the lone striker on this day, scored the equalizer in the first half and two goals in the second half, scoring his first hat trick of the season. This is his fourth hat trick in his Premier League career.

He is a Premier League legend in name and reality. Son Heung-min recorded 106 goals in his career, surpassing Chelsea legend Didier Drogba (104 goals) and rising to 30th place in overall scoring.

Before the season started, Coach Postekoglou entrusted Son Heung-min with the captain’s armband. Son Heung-min became the first non-European captain since Tottenham was founded. He is leading the team perfectly at the beginning of the season. Son Heung-min, who claimed the role of playmaker in the previous three games, recorded a hat trick against Burnley and showed his ability as the top scorer in the 2021-22 season.

Son Heung-min appeared as a striker against Sheffield in place of Richarlison, who had performed poorly during the international match. On this day, substitute Richarlison saved Tottenham by scoring 1 goal and 1 assist. We are now undefeated in 5 games. Tottenham is in second place with 4 wins, 1 draw, and 13 points, following Manchester City (5 wins in 5 games, 15 points). Scored 13 goals in 5 games. Son Heung-min, who had not scored until the third round, stood tall as the team’s top scorer with a hat trick against Burnley. Vice captains Romero and Maddison followed with two goals each. Richarlison recorded a league goal and an assist in the match against Sheffield.

Richarlison is in charge. Tottenham sent Harry Kane (30) to Bayern Munich before the start of the season. Richarlison is actually the team’s only central striker. However, due to Richarlison’s poor performance, side striker Son Heung-min has reached the point where he has to take on the role of striker.

In particular, the Bournemouth match was at a serious level. Richarlison made a touch mistake in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper and gave the ball to the opponent. During the counterattack in the second half, he missed the opportunity due to a trapping mistake. As Son Heung-min and Maddison struggled, Richarlison repeatedly made mistakes. In the end, Coach Postekoglou substituted midfielder Ivan Perisic (34) for Richarlison in the 10th minute of the second half. Son Heung-min moved to center striker.

In response, former Premier Leaguer Agbonlahor strongly criticized Richarlison. Appearing on ‘Talk Sports’, he said, “Tottenham is cruising along with coach Postekoglou,” and added, “But Richarlison is Tottenham’s weakness. They will need a better striker for the rest of the season.”

He poured out negative comments about his performance against Bournemouth. Agbonraher analyzed, “His Charli Song had too many touches. He kept giving the ball to the opponent. Coach Postekoglu had no choice but to remove him. Instead, he substituted a defender and a midfielder.”

Coach Postekoglou could not stand it any longer and attempted to make a change. They began using side striker Son Heung-min as their lone striker. Richarlison was on the candidate list for the Burnley match. Son Heung-min struggled at the front line.

The aim was successful. Son Heung-min tormented Burnley with strong forward pressure and active movement at the front line. Burnley’s goalkeeper and last defense were in a hurry to clear the ball as Son Heung-min was kept in check. When Son Heung-min stole the ball, it led to Tottenham’s opportunity. Son Heung-min scored early in the first half and was also involved in Maddison’s additional goal. The opponent’s mistake led to Madison’s goal.

Son Heung-min even completed a hat trick by scoring two goals in the second half of the game against Bournemouth. He played the role of a lone striker perfectly. Thanks to Son Heung-min’s outstanding performance, Tottenham won 5-2 and rose to second place in the Premier League.

Coach Postekoglou also expressed satisfaction with Son Heung-min’s performance. In an interview after the game, he gave high praise, saying, “It is exactly what he showed at the training ground. Son Heung-min led Tottenham to victory. He is a tremendous player and captain.”

The captaincy is dominating the early part of the season. Son Heung-min scored a hat trick and stood tall as the most valuable player (MVP) of the game. Madison scored in two consecutive league games. Central defender Romero scored his second goal this season after the first-round match against Brentford.

Candidate players are also showing strength. Richarlison recorded two attack points for the first time in a while, leading Tottenham to a dramatic comeback victory. Klusevski, who was somewhat disappointed with the finish against Sheffield, smiled brightly as he scored the winning goal in the last minute of the game. Perisic shone as he recorded an assist with an accurate cross. Promising player Johnson showed potential for growth by using his quick feet to penetrate the space behind the opponent.

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