‘Round 1’ 19-year-old right-hander pitches well, allowing 1 run in 5 innings in the Japanese Educational League… However, 2 hits and a complete loss of 0-11.

 Samsung Lions first-round pick prospect Lee Ho-seong (19) played well in the Japanese Educational League.

Ho-Seong Lee appeared as a starting pitcher for the Samsung-Doosan joint team in the training league against the Yomiuri Giants held in Miyazaki, Japan on the 16th, and recorded 5 hits, 3 strikeouts, 1 walk, and 1 run in 5 innings.

The combined team lost 0-11. The batting line suffered a complete defeat with only two hits.

Ho-Seong Lee is a 1st round (8th overall) prospect who joined Samsung this year and pitched in 5 games for the first team, recording 1 win and an ERA of 2.65. On the 6th, against KT, he recorded his first win in his professional debut with a 5-inning, 1-run starting win.

He hit a heavy hit and a double with one out in the first inning, putting him on second and third base. He allowed the first run with a timely hit in the middle of the game, but overcame the crisis with a double play by the second baseman on 1st and 3rd bases with 1 out and runners on.

In the second inning, the leadoff hitter hit a middle-of-the-road triple and was in trouble again. However, he struck out two times in a row, got two outs, and blocked the game without allowing a run with a grounder to shortstop.

He ended the inning in the 3rd and 4th innings with back-to-back three-out errors. He was hit by the leadoff hitter in the 5th inning and sent a runner to scoring with 1 out and 2nd base on a sacrifice bunt. He got two outs on a grounder to third base and then allowed a walk. With 2 outs and 1st and 2nd bases, the 3rd baseman averted the crisis with a straight hit.

Park Kwon-hoo (Samsung), who pitched in the 6th inning, gave up 2 walks in 1 inning, but struck out 1 and allowed no runs. The combined team gave up a large number of runs in the 7th or 8th inning. Han Yeon-wook (Samsung) allowed 5 hits, 6 runs (4 earned) in 1 inning, and Hong Seung-won (Samsung) allowed 3 hits, 1 walk, and 4 runs (2 earned) in 1 inning.

Han Yeon-wook sent out a runner due to an error by the shortstop after one out, and suffered consecutive infield hits, putting the bases loaded. He gave up six runs on a pushed out walk, two RBI doubles, back-to-back hits and a sacrifice fly.

Seung-won Hong had the bases loaded with no outs due to a hit, an error by the second baseman, and a walk, and allowed 4 runs with 2 hits and a sacrifice fly.

The combined team’s starting lineup included Yang Chan-yeol (center fielder), Kim Min-hyuk (second baseman), Gong Min-gyu (third baseman), Yoon Jeong-bin (right fielder), Hong Seong-ho (designated hitter), Kim Do-hwan (catcher), Song Seung-hwan (left fielder), Oh Hyun-seok (first baseman), and Lim Seo-jun (shortstop). .

Yomiuri starting pitcher Motoya Kinoshita (21) pitched 4 perfect innings. Kinoshita is a training player and has been playing in the second team until this year. He recorded 3 wins, 5 losses, and an ERA of 4.73 in 14 games last year, and this year, he allowed 3 runs in 4 innings in 1 game.

For the combined team, Song Seung-hwan (Doosan)안전놀이터 reached base with the first hit in the 6th inning, but Oh Hyun-seok (Samsung) and Lim Seo-jun (Doosan) struck out in succession, and Yang Chan-yeol (Doosan) retired with a fly ball to shortstop.

In the 7th inning, Minhyuk Kim (Doosan), Mingyu Gong (Samsung), and Daehan Kim (Doosan) struck out three batters in a row. In the 9th inning, leadoff hitter Kim Moon-soo (Doosan) reached base with a hit to right, but the game ended with Jeon Min-jae (Doosan) hitting a grounder to third base, Yang Chan-yeol hitting a foul fly to third base, and Kim Min-hyuk striking out.

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