“Shocked! Mourinho is at Barcelona now”…A few days after the game, did Real Madrid head to Barcelona as a substitute for Xavi? “Mourinho only smiled.”

It is Jose Mourinho’s “shocking move.”

Mourinho was recently replaced by AS Roma in Serie A, Italy. Since then, a number of transfer rumors have surrounded Mourinho. It was reported that he had already reached an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Al Shabab, and he was also named as England’s Newcastle manager supported by Saudi Arabian capital. There were also reports that he was in contact with Napoli, the defending champion of Serie A.

However, Mourinho was actually spotted in an unexpected place. He is Barcelona. The British Daily Mail reported that Mourinho entered Barcelona just days after he was replaced by AS Roma.

Why is it Barcelona? Many people have no choice but to make such a guess. Speculation is that it could be a substitute for Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez. It is an unprecedented move that defies everyone’s expectations. What is more shocking is that Mourinho once coached Real Madrid, Barcelona’s biggest rival.

Xavi is now shaken by rumors of his replacement. He is now completely behind Real Madrid in the competition to win the title in the league. He suffered a humiliating 1-4 defeat by Real Madrid in the 2023-24 season of Supercopa de España (Super Cup in Spain) on July 15. Rumors of Xavi’s replacement are gaining momentum. 

Barcelona’s general manager Deco said, “The replacement of Sabi is ridiculous. We trust Sabi,” but the power of the replacement of Sabi is not missing. Under these circumstances, Mourinho came to Barcelona. Mourinho avoided an immediate answer. He left only a strong lingering impression.  마카오카지노도메인

The Daily Mail explained, “Mourinho went to Barcelona amid doubts about Sabi’s future. Mourinho only smiled when asked about joining Barcelona at the airport.”

“Even though he won the league title last season, Xavi’s position is getting weaker. Xavi is experiencing a crisis after suffering a crushing defeat by Real Madrid in the Super Cup. Xavi has lost the trust of the first-team players, with some players complaining,” he stressed.

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