Shocked Tottenham “Munich, let’s renegotiate” →Kane on way to airport, ‘waiting indefinitely’ in car…transfer brakes sharply

Chairman Levy said. Tottenham Hotspur have stood in the way of Harry Kane as he heads to the airport to complete his move to Bayern Munich.

“Kane has cancelled his flight as Tottenham want to renegotiate with Munich,” the German edition of Sky Sports reported on social media on 11 November.

Tottenham’s world-class striker was expected to wear a Munich shirt sooner rather than later. On the 10th, local media in the UK and Germany reported that Munich and Tottenham had reached an agreement over the transfer fee for Kane.

According to the British “The Athletic” on the 10th, Munich, who had previously made three offers, all of which were rejected, succeeded in reaching a deal after the fourth offer. After a first offer of €70 million (£10.11 billion) was rejected, the Bavarians made a second offer of €80 million (£11.5 billion) with options, but even this did not satisfy Tottenham.

After the two bids were rejected, Munich’s hierarchy travelled to London to hold talks with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy and reportedly presented a third offer, which was also rejected.

Now, with the start of the season just around the corner and Munich’s pursuit of Kane expected to end in failure, a fourth and final offer from Spurs has finally been accepted by the German giants.

“Tottenham have accepted Munich’s offer, which is believed to be worth more than €100m (£144.7m),” said The Athletic, adding that “Kane must now decide whether he wants to leave”.

The media cited the length of Kane’s contract as a reason for Spurs’ sudden decision to accept the Munich offer. Kane’s contract with Spurs expires in June 2024. When Kane becomes a free agent next summer, he will be free to choose where he wants to play, but Tottenham will not receive a penny in transfer fees if the world-class striker leaves for another club.메이저사이트

“Tottenham have been keen to keep Kane, who is entering the final year of his contract, on new terms, but so far there has been no progress on a new deal,” the outlet said, “which has led Spurs to consider selling him in the summer transfer window rather than risk losing him as a free agent next summer.”

Kane has also decided to leave Tottenham for a fresh start in Munich. “Kane has agreed to sign a four-year contract with the Bavarians and will soon undergo a medical to complete the move,” English football journalist David Onstead said on social media.

Florian Platenberg, a journalist familiar with Bayern Munich news, also said on social media: “Kane’s transfer is now almost complete. The contract has been finalised until 2027 and the medical will take place today (11 November),” he wrote on social media, confirming that the deal was close.

“As recently reported, Kane will soon be cleared for transfer and will arrive in Munich on Friday (11 November). If the medical is completed quickly, Kane is hoping to be available for the DFL-Supercup clash with RB Leipzig on the 13th,” he added.

Many believed the Kane saga would come to an end in the summer transfer window of 2023. Fans have now begun to wait to see when Munich will officially announce the signing of Kane, with reports suggesting that Tottenham have changed their tune and put the brakes on the transfer.

“According to our information, Kane has the ‘green light’ to join Munich and was on his way to London airport to catch a flight,” explained the German edition of Sky Sports.

“However, Tottenham want to renegotiate with Munich and have cancelled Kane’s flight, blocking the transfer.” “Kane is now waiting in his car until the club gives him permission to get on the plane for a medical,” the report added.

The news left many fans in disbelief. Having already negotiated and approved the player’s transfer between the clubs, many fans reacted with disbelief that Tottenham would want to renegotiate the deal just before Kane’s departure.

Some fans claimed that all the blame lies with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy. Levy is one of the men responsible for turning Spurs from a mid-table Premier League club into a UEFA Champions League contender, but he is notoriously difficult as a negotiator.

Legendary Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson once described his deal with Levy as “more painful than a hip operation” after negotiating with him to sign Dimitar Berbatov in 2008.

Midfielder Luka Modric, who left Tottenham for Real Madrid in the summer of 2012, also said of Levy, who repeatedly put the brakes on negotiations that had reached a breaking point: “He drove them crazy. Every time an agreement was reached, he kept asking for something else,” he said.

With the sudden brakes on a deal that was only waiting to be officially announced, Kane’s move to Munich has been thrown back into doubt. It will be interesting to see what new demands Tottenham make of Munich to stop Kane travelling to Germany.

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