Shocking! Manchester United’s new owner will be kicked out in 18 months?…Glazer-related documents ‘Fans are sad’

Manchester United (Manchester United) fans are in shock.

James Ratcliffe, the new co-owner who seeks to restore his past glory by advocating reform and innovation, could be removed from his position as owner in just 18 months.

This is due to the Glazer family, including former owner Malcolm Glazer, who became sole owner by buying most of Manchester United’s shares in 2005, his son and current co-owner Joel Glazer, and Abraham Glazer.

According to the British media Daily Mail on the 18th (Korea Standard Time), if the Glazers decide to sell all their shares, Ratcliffe will have to buy all the rest of the shares or throw up all the shares he has.

It was found in documents kept by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (USSEC).

The media partially disclosed the contents, saying, “The documents specify regulations related to the acquisition of Ratcliffe.” In the documents, one year after Ratcliffe’s acquisition officially takes effect, the Glazers will be given the right to sell the club itself at will.

At this time, Ratcliffe can exercise his preferential purchase right to buy all the shares, but from this point on, the Glazers can sell all the shares to the buyer who offers the highest price. Ratcliffe is therefore at a crossroads of two choices: to pay as much as the buyer suggests and become Manchester United’s sole owner, or to give up his preferential purchase rights and even give up all of his shares.

“As long as the Glazer family is the largest shareholder, 18 months after the deadline (for Ratcliffe’s sale to take effect), the club’s board of directors may demand the sale of all shares held in “Trawler Limited” (a company that Ratcliffe mobilized to acquire the club) in connection with the company’s entire sale,” the document in question read. “If the sale is made within three years after the deadline, Trawler Limited could receive a price of $33 (about 44,000 won) per share.” 월카지노

Ratcliffe decided to buy a 25% stake in Manchester United at the end of last year using 1.3 billion pounds (about 2.2 trillion won). The transfer of the stake is scheduled to officially take effect in mid-February. Currently, he visited Manchester United’s training site and talked to the team and the manager.

In other words, they are starting to pay attention to the club in earnest and are pushing for reforms.

After the meeting with Ratcliffe, Manchester United manager Erik Turnhach said, “It was very positive,” adding, “We sat down for hours and talked about topics that we could relate to. I think it was a very healthy conversation for both sides.” The appointment of the co-owner will certainly help the team.

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