Shocking rumors of replacement → I won in six years… Dismissed after 10 months → ‘Mourinho deja vu’ → I’m just sighing

The clock of fate is moving fast. It seems that the dismissal of Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag in the English Premier League has entered the countdown.

Rumors are bursting that Manchester United was eliminated last in the group with the lowest points ever after losing 0-1 to Bayern Munich in the Champions League group qualifying round. He has been disqualified from participating in the Europa League.

It was Ten Haq, who won the Carabao Cup in February, and it was hard to count down in about 10 months. The Carabao Cup was the first time in six years that Manchester United had won the Carabao Cup.

British media said on the 15th that Ten Haq’s dismissal is just around the corner, adding that former Chelsea manager is the most likely candidate among the candidates for the successor.

First of all, the media predicted that if Manchester United lost to Liverpool, Ten Haahd would follow the same path as Mourinho, Solsar, and Moyes. Manchester United will have a match of fate at 1:30 a.m. on the 18th. The media predicted that the match would be Ten Haahd’s last match.

Until the 15th, Manchester United is in sixth place with nine wins and seven losses, while Liverpool is in first place with 11 wins, four draws and one loss. It is not an easy game for Manchester United. That is why it is highly likely that it will be Ten Haq’s last game. In addition, it is an away game.

Coincidentally, it appears that all Manchester United coaches have been determined by a back-to-back war against Liverpool. In 2014, David Moyes was completely defeated 0-3 at home. Then, he was fired a month later.

Louis van Gaal, who took over as head coach after Moyes, went through a similar process two years later. He lost at Anfield in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16. The team had a 1-1 draw at home but was eliminated overall. A month later, van Gaal was dismissed despite winning the FA Cup.

Interestingly, Jose Mourinho’s last match for Manchester United was also against Liverpool at Anfield. It was December 16, 2018. He lost 1-3, and was replaced two days later. Perhaps Ten Haq will follow suit.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was also forced out the same month after United lost a humiliating 0-5 to Liverpool in early November 2021.

The media, which anticipates the dismissal of Ten Haq, are currently introducing various candidates for Manchester United. Among them, Graham Potter, the former Chelsea manager, is rapidly emerging. Potter has recently emerged as a leading candidate after it was revealed that he met with Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who is planning to secure Manchester United’s management rights.

Porter took the helm of Chelsea in September last year, but was dismissed in April this year due to poor performance. His contract was five years old, but he was dismissed in less than a year. Now he is jobless. Sir Ratcliffe is a big fan of Potter and intended to recruit him as the French Nice coach, where he owns the club. 헤라카지노

Potter was recently offered the head coach of Stoke City to succeed Alex Neal, but he refused.

[The replacement of Manchester United coach Erik ten hah has begun. It will be the last game against Liverpool on the 18th. Sir Ratcliffe, who will take control of the club, is considering Graham Potter as his successor.

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