Song Min-gyu of Jeonbuk ranks first in market value of 7 billion won; Eom Won-sang, Gabriel, Ko Young-jun ranks second to fourth

Jeonbuk winger Song Min-gyu has the highest market value among players playing in the K League.

The International Football Institute (CIES) under FIFA revealed on its official channel on the 7th (local time) the 10 players with the highest market value among players playing in the Korean K-League and the Japanese J-League. Based on more than 6,000 transfer cases, CIES evaluated the market value of players around the world with its own statistical model.

Song Min-gyu was the player with the highest market value in the K-League. He ranked second after Hosoya Mao (Kashiwa), who was the No. 1 player in the Korea-Japan league with 6 million euros. He was evaluated with a market value of 4.9 million euros. The amount is not common in the K-League.

Song Min-gyu, who has scored 32 goals and 18 assists in 141 K-League games while playing for Pohang from 2018 to 2021, and Jeonbuk from 2021 to the present, is actually drawing attention from European clubs such as Germany. This means that the market value calculated by CIES is 4.9 million euros, which does not mean that a transfer fee of this amount will be set.

Eom Won-sang (Ulsan), a speed racer, and Gabriel (Gangwon) came in third and fourth. They were rated at 3.6 million euros (about 5.1 billion won) and 3.3 million euros (about 4.7 billion won), respectively.

The K-League, which succeeds Song Min-gyu, Um Won-sang, and Gabriel, ranked 10th overall with 2.8 million euros. 헤라카지노도메인

Striker resources such as winger (Song Min-gyu Um Won-sang), striker (Gabriel), and offensive midfielder (Ko Young-jun) were well received.

Based on the transfer fee website “Transfer Markt,” Jeonbuk midfielder Nana Boateng had the highest market value of 2 million euros (about 2.8 billion won) in the K League.

Ulsan midfielder Boyanich (about 2.1 billion won) followed, and national university fullback Seol Young-woo (Ulsan, about 2 billion won) was the third overall and the highest market value among K-League native players.

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