That’s how Park Dong-won and Lee Ji-young left… The heroes prepare for Chapter 2

Park Dong-won (34, LG Twins) and Lee Ji-young (38, SSG Landers) also left. Heroes are preparing for Chapter 2.

Kiwoom Heroes has announced a complete generational shift in their home turf. Lee Ji-young’s signing and trade on Wednesday came to an end. Now, the most experienced catcher at Kiwoom is Kim Jae-hyun (30), who has played 408 games in his first team. Kim Dong-heon (20) has become a starting member since mid-2023 season, and Kim Si-ang (23) will likely return to the center.

It is Kiwoom’s decision to boldly look into the future, despite the present. “The team leader should look at the present and the future,” Koh said in a telephone conversation on Wednesday. Park Dong-won and Lee Ji-young are national team-class catchers, but the reality is that they cannot be the only ones.

Park Dong-won officially became a starting member since 2015. Lee Ji-young joined in 2019. The two had coexisted for about three years until the beginning of the 2022 season. At that time, Kiwoom was the strongest in the league. One of the team’s three runner-ups in the Korean Series came out during this period in 2019, and the team continued to participate in the postseason regularly. 

The Park Dong-won trade in April 2022 was conducted strategically. Park Dong-won had asked the general manager Ko Hyung-wook for a trade before proceeding with the season. This is because Lee Ji-young joined in 2019 through a triangular trade, reducing his playing time.

Consequently, the team handed over Park Dong-won to the KIA Tigers, who desperately need a catcher. Since Kim Dong-hun was selected as the candidate for the second round in 2023, it is worth mentioning that Kiwoom has extraordinary skills. On the other hand, Park left for the LG Twins in half a year. Then, the team leader was replaced. The name has become heartbreaking for KIA.

In addition, Kiwoom recruited as many as five catchers, considering that there are a lot of good catcher resources in the 2023 Rookie Draft. They didn’t even force them to throw catchers. In the case of Kim Gun-hee, there is a possibility that he will actually move to a different position. Even so, Ankyum and Park Sung-bin remain. General manager Ko Hyung-wook also paid attention to the possibility of Park Jun-hyung, a former fostering player. 랭크카지노주소

Park Dong-won eventually became a winning catcher in LG. He is the winning catcher of his dreams. Lee Ji-young is also able to play happy baseball in SSG. You don’t have to share your playing time with Kim Dong-heon. There is a high possibility that you will actually be the main player in SSG. SSG’s FA negotiations with Kim Min-sik are sluggish.

While considering the two veteran national team catchers, he sees the future as young players. That doesn’t mean he gave up on the present. In his first season since debut, Kim Dong-heon went to the Hangzhou Asian Games and won the gold medal. If he is not injured, chances are high that he will walk on a solid path until he acquires an FA. Now, Kim Dong-heon should play a constant role in Kiwoom’s home turf. In the process of Kim Dong-heon’s growth, he is expected to supplement side effects by establishing a system in which other catchers help and compete. Even if Kim Dong-heon suffers from growing pains right now, he is equipped with a device to supplement it.

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