The fundamentals are gone! Rashford, two-day club party → sick leave submission → list excluded

The end of the lie was the exclusion of the list.

Manchester United seems to have imposed internal disciplinary action on Marcus Rashford. The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on the 29th (Korea time), “Marcus Rashford missed training after having a party at a nightclub, and now he is disciplined.”

Controversy is growing as Rashford was caught at the club while he was absent from training under the excuse of being sick. The Athletic previously reported that Rashford missed the club training after attending a club in Belfast, Northern Ireland. According to the media, Rashford did not participate in Friday’s training due to illness, even though he was spotted partying at Thompson Garage Club.

“Rashford and Jonny Evans are sick. We have to wait and see how they recover before the game,” coach Erik ten Hag said at a press conference ahead of the 2023-24 away game against Newporti County.

However, the excuse for the disease is being accepted as true as reports of a rebuttal about Rashford’s conduct have emerged and the club’s sightings have been shared through social networking services (SNS) among fans.

Recalling the situation, Rashford trained normally Wednesday and went to the club with Ro-Shawn Williams, who he shared as a youngster. The next day, Rashford, who was also spotted at a Thompson bar, returned to Manchester on a private jet. He was also sidelined by the team’s training scheduled for Friday.

It is not the first time Rashford has been controversial because he enjoyed parties at a club. In October last year, Rashford was also cautioned because he enjoyed a late-night party at a club even after losing 0-3 to Manchester City. “It was unacceptable,” coach Ten Haah said at the time, adding, “I talked to Rashford about it. Rashford also admitted his mistake and apologized.”

Rashford is not the only one who caused trouble. In December 2022, he overslept and was late for a team meeting. Ten Haah got mad and excluded him from the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Still, Rashford has not changed. It has reached the point where he repeats club issues.

The same thing happened in just three months. This time, it led to the absence of training, which has opened a hole in the discipline issue. Coach Ten Haq has been focusing on intensive locker room discipline since his appointment to Manchester United. These include drinking alcohol and tardiness. He gave a clear rebuke to those who violated the rules.

“To get results, a team comes first. We have to be organized and cooperate. To do that, we need discipline. We have to have discipline in the ground,” he said. “We will take a very strict approach to these issues. Players need high standards because they are playing for Manchester United.” 헤라카지노

Some players failed to pass the tournament under the rules of manager Ten Haq. A case in point is Jadon Sancho, who left for Borussia Dortmund on loan during this winter’s transfer market. Sancho always caught the eye of manager Ten Haq as he showed an attitude of not uniting as a team. During his time at Manchester United, he broke the rules set by manager Ten Haq due to frequent tardiness. In the end, he classified it as out of power this season, and Sancho, who was angry about this, shot at the manager, sparking rumors of discord.

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