“Three games at most, I hope you maintain your current feel” The head coach’s order to Lee Ui-ri [Oh! Sen Changwon]

 “I hope you can maintain your current sense of humor.”

KIA Tigers coach Kim Jong-guk praised and urged Lee Ui-ri ahead of the regular season game against NC Dinos in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at NC Park in Changwon on the 28th.바카라사이트

Lee Ui-ri started in the second game of the double header against NC held the previous day (27th) and pitched 77 innings, allowing 3 hits, 3 strikeouts, and no runs. He may have felt pressured in his first appearance after being left out of the final roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 22nd after controversy, but he threw the ball without pressure and without regrets. He proved the controversy himself.

Lee Ui-ri threw 61 fastballs that day, with a maximum speed of 150 km. Out of 77 pitches, he only threw fastballs close to 80%. He showed that he can overpower with force. He completely verified that there was no problem. There were only 10 sliders, 4 curves, and 2 changeups. 

Coach Kim Jong-guk said, “Yesterday, my command was good, and I think I threw a little more easily without putting in effort. I hope that no matter which team I face, I can throw as lightly as I did yesterday. There are at most three games left, so I hope I can maintain my current feel.” explained. 

Currently, KIA still has 17 games left. Lee Ui-ri may have an additional opportunity to pitch three times, or at most four times. If they can continue the trend of the day, I am indebted to the KIA starting lineup.

Regarding the number of pitches, “I was thinking about 80 pitches. When the time is right, it leaves a better impression on me to finish through 7 innings. Also, if I go up to the 8th inning and put out runners, it will be burdensome for the pitchers who come up later. So, I stopped when the time was right.” He explained.

KIA’s starting lineup on this day was Chan-ho Park (shortstop), Chang-jin Lee (left fielder), Do-young Kim (third baseman), Socrates (right fielder), Seon-bin Kim (second baseman), Woo-sung Lee (designated hitter), Tae-gun Kim (catcher), Woo-hyuk Byun (first baseman), and Ho-ryeong Kim (center fielder). 

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