“Underrated because you’re old? Rather, I enjoy it.”… How to live with ‘Samsung Man’ Lim Chang-min

I’m trying to show you that age is just a number.

Lim Chang-min, a right-handed relief pitcher of the Samsung Lions, left Incheon International Airport for Okinawa, Japan, on Tuesday. After he became a free agent after the end of last season, he left Kiwoom Heroes and built a new nest in Samsung. He signed a two-year contract worth 800 million won (down payment of 300 million won, annual salary of 400 million won, incentive of 100 million won).

Lim Chang-min said, “(Lee Jong-yeol) has been courting me steadily and for a long time. Other teams were done after contacting me, but only Samsung was different. That’s why I changed my mind (to go to Samsung) at the end.” Before signing the contract with Samsung, he received a love call from multiple teams.

“I’m an outsider. My friends who are always outsiders come to see me,” he said. “Players with great abilities stand out like jewels. I’m not that kind of player,” Lim said. “I want to prove that players who are not like me can shine as they continue to hone their skills. Then, I think my juniors will see me and have confidence that they can do it. I’m going to show good performance not only this season but also throughout the contract period.”

It is his first spring camp after changing his uniform. “I received more attention than I thought. I don’t know why,” Lim said. “Fortunately, I have two better pitchers (Oh Seung-hwan and Kim Jae-yoon) behind me. I feel less pressure.” “I need to play the role of connecting innings to the next pitchers. I wonder what kind of season it will be,” he said. “Since I have prepared well, I have high expectations that I will be able to create synergy effect with other existing players.”

Samsung manager Park Jin-man has yet to confirm the appointments of Lim Chang-min, Oh Seung-hwan, and Kim Jae-yoon. The team is expected to stage an infinite competition for the three pitchers who used to be close. “I don’t want to step up and take charge of the ninth inning. It’s not even a position that I can do just because I want to finish,” Lim said smiling. “The closing pitcher has a lot of psychological burden, but the timing of taking the mound is set, making it easier for me to take care of my body. If I take the mound in the first place (in the seventh or eighth inning, etc.), I will certainly feel less pressure. I think the manager will decide well for me.”

He is famous for taking good care of his body. “I always do well. I prepared as I usually do. I feel better this year,” Lim said. “So I increased my weight when exercising. I did a lot of heavy weight training.”

“I know that some people underestimate me because of my age (born in 1985). That was a lot of fun,” Lim said. “The more I look down on myself, the more room I can make a turnaround. I think I can prove it this season.” 꽁머니환전

Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, Samsung’s home stadium, does not have a large ballpark. It is evaluated as a batter-friendly stadium. “I can’t increase the number of baseball stadiums. My personal record could get worse,” Lim said. “What I want is to reduce the number of blon saves. Even if you lose points, you should not lose your lead. Then I think I can achieve both my team’s performance and my goal.”

The focus is on the “team” rather than the “individual.” Lim said, “I only looked at the team’s performance without any individual goals from a few years ago. When the team produces good results, “Im Chang-min did a good job,” and when the team’s performance is not good, people say, “It’s time to stop,” adding, “The team is the top priority.”

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