Up to 109.7 billion won contract before MLB debut… ‘DET historic investment’

The Detroit Tigers in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) have made a “decision.”

MLB.COM, the official website of MLB, said, “Detroit has signed a long-term contract guaranteeing $28,642,500 (38.3 billion won) over the next six years with Colt Keith (23), the second-largest prospect in MLB Pipeline Club and the 22nd-ranked overall.” The contract includes a $2 million (2.7 billion won) contract bonus and club options and escalator provisions from 2030 to 2032, which could increase the amount to up to $82 million (10.7 billion won) over nine years.

MLB.COM said, “Detroit has made a historic investment for the future,” adding, “Keith’s contract is the biggest one for a player who hasn’t made his big league debut.” Scott Harris, president of Detroit Baseball Operations, said, “Today is a very exciting day for Detroit, Keith, his family, and his fans.” “Keith did everything we asked him to do as a child. He has improved every aspect of the game and established himself as the most promising player. This contract is based on our belief in Keith and the team’s efforts to recruit, nurture, and retain young talent.”

Keith, a resource for second and third basemen, wore the uniform of Detroit as a fifth-round pick of the 2020 rookie draft. Since his debut in the Minor League in 2021, he has shown remarkable growth last year. He played in 126 games with Triple-A, the highest level in the Minor League, and posted a batting average of 0.306 (155 hits in 507 at-bats) with 27 homers and 101 RBIs. His on-base percentage (0.3800) and slugging percentage (0.552) have combined with the OPS of 0.932. He also participated in the Minor League All-Star Game in July, and was recognized for his value. 라바카지노

After signing a long-term contract, he said, “I’m very happy to reach an agreement and secure my place in this organization for years to come. All coaching staff have been invaluable in growing up on and off the field since the 2002 draft,” adding, “Ultimately, my mission is to become the best player and contribute to winning the World Series for Detroit fans.”

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