“We can reinforce the starting lineup as a player like Ryu”… Ryu Hyun-jin, who failed to enter NYM, is now interested in the BAL? Will he remain in the AL East

“Ryu Hyunjin can complement the starting rotation.”

The U.S. “The Athletic” mentioned Ryu Hyun-jin’s name on the 14th (Korea time), pointing to the mound problem of the Baltimore Orioles, who won the American League East last year.

Baltimore had the best year of its kind last year. Baltimore, which had been in the lower ranks since 2014, has been attracting many promising players. Those promising players have continued to grow and explode their potential, and based on their harmony with veteran players, they have achieved the title of “Earth Champion” in nine years with 101 wins, 61 losses and a winning rate of 0.623.

The only disappointment was the postseason. Baltimore won a ticket to the American League Division Series (ALDS) after its all-time season with 101 wins. However, it failed to advance to the upper round, kneeling down in a showdown with the Texas Rangers in the Division Series. On the other hand, the Texas Rangers defeated the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series and secured its first World Series trophy since its foundation.

As promising players have grown significantly, Baltimore is considered a team that can steadily perform well in the future, but it has hardly strengthened its power this winter. Rather, Kyle Gibson, who pitched in 33 games last year and recorded the most number of 198 innings in the American League, 15 wins, 9 losses and 4.73 ERA, has left to find a new destination through his free agent status. As a result, Baltimore needs to beef up its starting lineup.

“The promising system of the Baltimore Orioles is very well-received. However, if the team fails to trade with Dylan Cease of the Chicago White Sox and Jesus Luzardo of the Miami Marlins, it would be hard to criticize Baltimore for failing to show moves that no other team could have done,” the U.S. newspaper The Athletic said. “The problem is we don’t have enough pitchers to replace Kyle Gibson’s 193-year-old, not to mention the veteran ace they need.” 랭크카지노

Despite the fact that Tyler Glasnow, a former Tampa Bay Rays member, moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers through a trade and Boston Red Sox’s ace Chris Sale will wear the Atlanta Braves uniform, there are not many ways and sales for Baltimore to strengthen its mound. “Glasnow and Sale are unique starting pitchers who have been traded offseason, all of whom are beyond Baltimore’s financial scope,” “The Athletic” pointed out.

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