‘We’re best friends’…Asia’s top setter on adjusting to Korea, and who his V-League helpers are

Starting this season, the V-League introduced an Asian quarter, and in the draft, IBK Bank used the No. 1 pick to select Thai international Ponpon Gedpard. Thailand, along with Japan and China, is considered one of the three Asian powers. Ponpoon is the starting setter for the Thai women’s national volleyball team and is considered one of the best setters in Asia and beyond.

She’s only been in the V-League for a short time, but she’s already made a friend. It’s Pyo Seung-ju. Ponpun is always arm-in-arm with him, and they talk a lot. Ponpun and Pyo Seung-ju have met at international tournaments for their respective countries, so they bonded easily.

Ponpun first joined IBK’s clubhouse on October 10. She greeted her teammates in Korean, saying, “Hello. I’m Ponpun,” she greeted her teammates in Korean, and Pyo Seung-ju welcomed her with a hug and a warm welcome, saying, “We haven’t seen each other in two days. Congratulations on your bronze medal.”

Ponpun led the Thai women’s volleyball team to a bronze medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. When she announced that she was joining the V-League, many volleyball fans were surprised. They were curious to see how Ponpun, who has a quick toss, would change the game for IBK.

Volleyball is a game of setters, and the setter is very important. No matter how good your offense is, the way your setter serves the ball will determine the outcome of the game. Modern volleyball is all about speed. Ponpun is a setter who knows how to play speed volleyball. One of the reasons why the Thai women”s national team is so successful in international competitions despite their small stature is because they play fast volleyball. Ponpun is at the center of this. 보스토토 주소

However, it will take time for her fast toss to be effective in the V-League. She joined the team late due to the Hangzhou Asian Games and didn’t have much time to get up to speed with her teammates, so in the first few games, IBK’s attackers couldn’t keep up with her quick toss. 

But as the games went on, her tosses became more powerful. As she adjusts, IBK could become a sharper offensive connection. Head coach Kim Ho-cheol, a former world-class setter himself, has absolute confidence in Ponpun, saying, “Once she gets used to the V-League, she’ll be fine.”

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