What tasks remain for Kim Jong-gyu, who is devoted to the national team?

Kim Yu-taek (60‧197cm), Seo Jang-hoon (49‧207cm), Kim Ju-seong (44‧205cm)토스카지노 주소, Oh Se-geun (36‧199.8cm)… , These are big men who have guarded the bottom of the goal for the Korean national basketball team for a considerable amount of time. As can be seen from the fact that Choi Jeong-ye was in charge of the post in the national team, he boasted the best skills compared to domestic players, and as proof of this, he also led his team to victory.

Kim Yu-taek, a leading figure in the Kia Motors dynasty, was called the originator of the ‘Twin Towers’ along with Han Ki-beom, and Seo Jang-hoon is the person who changed the league landscape with his appearance on the adult stage. Kim Joo-seong created a sensation as a running big man with quick feet in addition to doing the dirty work of defense. Oh Se-geun also brought his former team Anyang Jeong Kwan-jang to the ranks of powerhouses through balance in various aspects such as power and technique.

In that respect, Wonju DB Kim Jong-gyu (32‧206.3cm) is called a national team center that is 2% disappointing. His contribution to the national team is comparable to that of the legends mentioned above, but he has never led his team to a championship yet. After being selected as the first overall pick in the 2013 rookie draft, beating his classmate and rival Kim Min-gu, he expressed his bold ambition by saying, “I will turn the KBL around once. You know the feeling,” and it seemed like time was the only issue and winning was a sure bet. .

LG, which had been crying for no match, also looked like it would finally enter the championship ranks with the recruitment of a national team-level big man. Unfortunately, he is still in his mid-30s and has not yet won the championship. As a considerable amount of time has passed, he has now left LG and joined DB. However, one thing that has not changed is the fact that it is difficult to guarantee whether he will add wins to the rest of his career.

Kim Jong-gyu boasts outstanding athletic ability, enough to compete for the best among all national team big men. Even at 206.3cm tall, he runs faster and jumps higher than most guards. Despite being criticized for his lack of skill, he was able to make the national team with his athletic ability alone.

His rim protection is also a strength. In various highlights, he is often seen getting in your face from foreign players, making him look like a neighborhood book (?), but in reality, he is not at all. One of the characteristics of players who often make such plays against their opponents is the fact that they actively defend under their goal. If the opponent gives up or sneaks away when attempting a dunk, such a scene will not be created.

That situation was created because he kept going without giving up until the end. Kim Jong-gyu is also like that. He may not be said to be very good at defending under the basket, but he is the type of player who rushes to the end and aims to block shots when the opponent attempts to attack the rim. Therefore, if Kim Jong-gyu stays under the goal, he will inevitably feel a lot of pressure from the attacking position.

Perhaps due to the influence of his college days, when he was at the peak of his skills, Kim Jong-gyu is not good at post-ups. However, his ball handling is not bad considering his height, so he shows strength in face-up. He is capable of a mid-range jumper, allowing him to harass the opposing defense with his easy-choice ability to break through. No matter what, the most burdensome situation from a defensive standpoint is when Kim Jong-gyu runs.

The big man runs at a speed faster than that of a swingman and plays the role of a finisher and trailer in a fast attack situation, so it is very difficult to block Kim Jong-gyu if he comes running. Kim Jong-gyu’s greatest strength is consistency. Since he is entering the ranks of veteran players without much growth, he is receiving harsh criticism such as ‘He is not the Kim Jong-gyu he used to be’ and ‘He is senile’, but if you look at his actual performance, this is not the case.

He has consistently scored double-digit scores except for the 2020-21 season, and his scoring average last season (11.04) is not much different from his career scoring average (11.35). He always fluctuates between 10 and 12 points. The same goes for assists and rebounds. There is no so-called monster season, but it is the same. Expectations are high, so there are many voices expressing disappointment, but once the season is over, the average is ignored.

Kim Jong-gyu’s current team DB is classified as a top 6 contender this season. Although they have quite a bit of power, there are many strong contenders, including SK and KCC, who are strong candidates for the championship, as well as LG, Hyundai Mobis, and KT. This is why some say that competition is expected to be fiercer than any season in history. Of course, DB can also be an ambush or worse if he goes well.

Competitiveness is sufficient. The guard team, led by Ethan Albano (26‧185cm), who is considered the biggest hit in the Asian quota system that has been in full operation since last season, and supported by Park Chan-hee (36‧190.3cm) and Doo Gyeong-min (32‧183.3cm), has both firepower and expertise. He was humble. Since each has a different color, various basketball games are possible depending on the combination.

What is most reassuring is the fact that Didrick Lawson (26‧201cm), who has been proven on the domestic stage, was brought in as the first option foreign player. Lawson performed well during his time with the Goyang Orions, but his value increased significantly while playing for the Goyang Day One last season. Not only did he play under the goal, but his shooting ability was also decent, and he was also involved in reading to a certain extent, showing his appearance as a control tower.

The analysis is that without Lawson, it would not have been easy for Lee Jeong-hyun and Jeon Seong-hyun to play freely. It can be said that he is the actual protagonist of the Day One sensation. Current Sono (former Day One) coach Kim Seung-gi still regrets not being able to work with Lawson because the timing wasn’t right. He is the type of player who can play in all weathers, both inside and outside, based on his wide field of view and excellent BQ, so good chemistry with Kim Jong-gyu is expected.

The variable is Kang Sang-jae (29‧200cm). Director Kim Joo-seong is working hard to complete ‘Triple Post’, which features Kang Sang-jae along with Lawson and Kim Jong-gyu. This is because if it can be done properly, ‘Wonju Sanseong’, which boasted the highest level among the 10 teams, can be revived. However, there remains the task of adapting to Kang Sang-jae’s number 3 position.

Former coach Lee Sang-beom also constantly tried to have Kim Jong-gyu, Kang Sang-jae and foreign big men play simultaneously, but it ended up being incomplete. However, current coach Kim is familiar with height-based basketball since his days as a player, and Lawson is the type of foreign big man that fits well with various combinations, which raises expectations. In addition, the experience accumulated over the past few years is also evaluated as increasing the likelihood of success. Let’s pay attention to whether Kim Jong-gyu will be able to shake off his resentment as a military officer with the completion of Wonju Mountain Fortress.

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