‘Yosbani scores 29 points’ Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance wins 2 times in a row… Hyundai Capital loses 3 times in a row

In men’s professional volleyball 온라인카지노, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance defeated Hyundai Capital 3-0 and won two games in a row.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance foreign player Yosbani led the team to a complete victory by scoring 29 points, including a rear attack to end the game.

Since the opening, Hyundai Capital has lost three games in a row without winning a single set against Korean Air, Woori Card, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

In the women’s game, Heungkuk Life Insurance, the favorite, beat Pepper Savings Bank 3-0, led by Kim Yeon-kyung, who scored 20 points, and won three games in a row.

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