Young Busan’s Re-Playing Over Frustration… Re-challenge for Promotion with ‘Korean-style mercenaries’ and ‘Armed rookies’

“Pain” occurred on Nov. 26 and Dec. 9, 2023. With promotion to the top division in four years just around the corner, Busan I-Park failed to directly promote itself, giving up an equalizer through Giorgi (currently Pohang) of Cheongju in North Chungcheong Province in the extra time of the second half. Busan, which won in the first round against Suwon FC in the ensuing playoff, collapsed in the second round of the away game and even missed its second chance. Busan coach Park Jin-seop had a lot of heartache. “I remembered the scene of Giorgi’s goal today as well. I also remember drawing or losing a match that I could have won. I wonder if things would have been different if I had done better,” Busan’s chief coach Yoo Kyung-ryeol said.

Bad memories will not disappear like snow melting, but the heartache must be healed with the heart. As Lee Han-do said, “I try not to even have a regret,” Busan was again sweeping away nightmares with sweat amid a friendly atmosphere at the training camp. “Veterans and rental students emphasized a lot of tactics during last year’s winter training, but this year, we are focusing on playing one more step and scoring many goals,” coach Park said. Due to the heightened training intensity, the team’s Hoahin Resort was constantly buzzing. At around 2:40 p.m., towards the end of the interview, the newly recruited Brazilian striker Lopez told reporters, “Can we have an interview by 6 p.m.?” The afternoon training was scheduled from 3 p.m.

The training ground was full of energy. Lopez, a “Korean mercenary” who did not share last year’s pain, and other rookie players led the mood. Lopez, who knows well about Korean soccer while playing for Jeju, Jeonbuk and Suwon FC, played pranks with Korean players. During the training, he displayed shooting abilities at a different level. Coach Park, who values balance of offense and defense, expected Ahn Byung-joon and Lopez, who he recruited from Suwon, to increase the team’s score. This year, Busan significantly increased the proportion of young rookie players. He is committed to re-creating the city into a “young Busan,” which has produced numerous top-rated players from the past. “Young players were not highly utilized last year, but the Busan B team will not play in the K4 League this year. That is why there are many young players in the first division. We plan to utilize potential players as resources under the age of 22,” he said.

Among them, Lee Dong-hoon, a fresh graduate of Boyne High School, is a striker. Coach Yoo said Lee Dong-hoon has his own style that is incomparable to anyone else, adding, “He is pure. No matter what he says, he always smiles and is active during training.” Park said, “Lee Dong-hoon is similar to Lee Chun-soo, Jungwoo Kim who is a junior in the national team,” adding, “I hope he will adapt well and show good performance.” Heo Seung-chan, who is a member of the same team with Lee Dong-hoon, is a defensive midfielder based in Busan Youth who will succeed Kwon Hyuk-kyu (St. Mirren). After two years of college football experience at Sunmoon University, he was called up by the Busan professional team. “Park’s soccer is still difficult for me, and I think young players are following him well probably because they are good at learning soccer,” Lee Han-do said with satisfaction. 헤라카지노주소

The goal for 2024 is to be promoted first and second. If the goal is to be promoted through the playoffs in the 2023 season, this year’s goal is to be promoted directly through the top spot. “K-League 2 is always difficult. E-Land and Seongnam have strengthened their players a lot this year. All teams including Suwon Samsung, Gyeongnam and Bucheon will seek to be promoted,” Park said. “Our goal is to be promoted as well.” E-Land will play the opening game of the 2024 season in Busan.

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