Zamst, who protects Lee Ju-yeon’s knees and waist, “The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a protector.”

Jamst, which is used by national team players and professional athletes, is a global sports brand that specializes in joint protection such as ankles and knees. NBA star Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks) is famous for wearing Jamst’s products. It is also common to see players wearing Jamst’s products in Korean pro basketball. Yang Hong-seok (LG) who recently signed a contract with Jamst, and Kang Yi-seul (KB Stars), WKBL’s main shooter, are fans of Jamst. Lee Ju-yeon of Yongin Samsung Life Insurance is also receiving assistance by wearing Jamst waist protection ZW-7. Since he suffered a knee injury last season, he has recently selected and is using knee protection band EK-1.

※We would like to inform you that this article was published in the February issue of Jumpball, a magazine specializing in basketball.

When I asked Lee Joo-yeon about her image of Zamst, she replied, “The first brand that comes to mind when it comes to Zamst.” Lee Joo-yeon first got to know Zamst when she was in the middle school of Inseong Girls’ Middle School, which was drawing attention as a promising player. Seeing the players around her use sleeves a lot and wear protective pads, Zamst became more and more familiar.

Lee Ju-yeon said, “I’ve known Jamst since middle school because it’s so famous. Not only the brace but also the sleeve were worn by many players. It’s familiar because it’s a brand that I’ve been exposed to often since I was in school. I’ve also had a bad back since a long time ago, but if I train with a brace, it has the effect of definitely holding it. I feel more comfortable in digesting my workout. There may be a perception that wearing a brace would be uncomfortable, but when I wear it, it doesn’t and the movement comes out well.”

Lee Ju-yeon suffered a major tear in her cruciate ligament last season, so she spent a long time rehabbing. She came back healthy with the start of this season, but she is still taking care of her knees. Previously, waistband ZW-7 was put to good use. This memory led to the choice of knee brace EK-1.
“I chose a knee brace to get help during my vacation or light exercise as I can use it in my daily life,” Lee Ju-yeon said. “I did not have severe knee pain even in the first half of the year after rehabilitation. I am continuously managing my knee as I need reinforcement training and weight training. I also tried to boost my stamina, which I lacked during the break.” 헤라카지노주소

Lee Ju-yeon, who knows the advantages of Zamst better than anyone else as a protector user, said, “I think all athletes know Zamst (laughs). Even if you are not an athlete, it would be good for those who like to exercise and those who have pain in their knees to wear it. The advantage is that it is divided by strength, so anyone can get help according to the purpose.”

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